Manual of Middle Ear Surgery Volume 2 PDF

Manual of Middle Ear Surgery Volume 2 PDF : Mastoid Surgery and Reconstructive Procedures

Manual of Middle Ear Surgery Volume 2 PDF Free Download
This comprehensive one-volume work presents, compares and assesses procedures developed by world-renowned otologic surgeons, creating a critical source for the specialist and resident-in-training. Methods from such pioneers as Fisch, Morimitsu, Farrior and Wullstein are objectively reviewed by Dr. Tos and are integrated into his own vast operative experience. Volume 2 consists of two parts: Part I covers mastoidectomies, intact bridge techniques and canal wall-up mastoidectomies. Part II covers the reconstructions of the tympanic cavity, attic and ear canal, eustachian tube surgery, cavity obliteration and partial and total reconstruction of old radical cavities.

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