Nursing Entrance Exams (Test Easy) 2nd Edition

Nursing Entrance Exams (Test Easy) 2nd Edition PDF

Nursing Entrance Exams (Test Easy) 2nd Edition PDF

Rest Easy with Test Easy!

You’re excited about your decision to pursue a career in nursing. And regardless of what type of nurse you plan to become–RN, LPN or LVN, CNS, nurse practitioner, or other specialization–you know that to get into the nursing program of your choice you’ll have to do your absolute best on the entrance exams. Well, rest easy because Test Easy makes acing your exams a snap! In this book, you get:

*  An overview of the NLN PAX, HESI, ATI TEAS, HOBET, and PSB Nursing School Exams
*  Tips for boosting your grammar, vocabulary, and reading proficiency to pass the nursing exam verbal section
*  Math essentials to get you comfortable with the arithmetic, algebra, and geometry nurses need to know
*  Science tutorials for boning up on the essentials of life science, anatomy & physiology, chemistry, and physics
*  Practice exams to test your progress, plus detailed answers to help you pass your exams with flying colors<

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