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Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B

Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B PDF

Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B PDF
During last 3 decades, significant improvement has been taken place in the fields of epidemiology, virology, diagnosis, pathogenesis, control and management of different infectious diseases. However, positive developments may not been properly reflected in the clinics in the context of hepatitis B virus (HBV). The virus was detected in 1960s, a potent vaccine against the HBV is available from early 1980s, and several antiviral drugs against HBV have been developed during last 3 decades. However, about 50 million new HBV-infected subjects emerge each year, and about 0.5-1.2 million people die due to HBV-related liver diseases and their complications annually. The book entitled ‘Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B’ contains 28 chapters and has been written by specialists of respective fields; many of them are from Asia and Africa, who have practical experiences about scopes and limitations regarding control and management of the HBV in developing countries. One of the new contributions of this book lies in the fact that in addition to well-accepted concepts about HBV, emerging findings about HBV from ongoing researches have been included in each chapter. Thus, the readers of the book would be able to decide how the information of the laboratory benches may be applied to develop evidence-based control and management strategies against the HBV. These chapters will keep medical students, post graduate students, medical teachers and scientists of different fields of biology updated about HBV in a comprehensive manner.