The Resuscitation Crisis Manual Book

The Resuscitation Crisis Manual Book PDF

The Resuscitation Crisis Manual BookThe Resuscitation Crisis Manual (The RCM) is designed for use as a cognitive aid in the Emergency and ICU departments, although it can be useful in any procedural area. It is not a substitute for experience, clinical acumen or simulation training, but it can provide immediate accessible guidance in common emergencies. It is well documented that in potentially stressful, time dependent clinical scenarios, even senior clinicians can forget important steps in treatment pathways. Written in the same aviation checklist format as The Anesthetic Crisis Manual, The RCM is the next in the crisis manual series. Embedding cognitive aids into resuscitation management may contribute to a more systematic and effective approach to emergency medicine. As more studies support their use, we expect The RCM will prove to be a valuable resource for all clinicians, particularly for those working in resuscitation and intensive care medicine.

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