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Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery 3rd Edition PDF

Atlas of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Periodontal Surgery 3rd Edition PDF
Periodontics is both an art and a science, and this textbook is dedicated to the art of periodontics. The goal of this atlas is to teach the novice, upgrade the skills of the average clinician, and act as a reference source for the experienced clinician. The modern paradigm for periodontal surgery has significantly changed since the last edition. Esthetics and implantology are now the cornerstones of the modern periodontal practice. Dental esthetics has altered the way we view our cases. No longer do we treat cases without consideration being given to the facial, dentofacial, and dentogingival elements, especially in the esthetic zone. Procedures have been developed and refined to maintain, augment, and alter the dentogingival elements for the purpose of achieving a satisfactory esthetic result. Dental implants, although greatly expanding our treatment options, have significantly impacted negatively upon the art of periodontics. Too often teeth are now prematurely extracted for implant placement. As a consequence, clinical skills are reduced and the learning curve is expanded, further reinforcing extraction over treatment. This will change only when there is a greater emphasis placed on treatment and preservation, which is the goal of this atlas. No textbook of this kind can be completed without the help of others. In that regard, I must take special note to thank Drs. Dennis Shanelec and Leonard S. Tibbits for their section on microsurgery, Drs. Arun K. Garg and Craig Misch for their assistance with the section on mandibular chin and ramus grafts, Dr. Eiji Funakoshi for his section on enamel matrix derivatives and his assistance with the section on osteotomes, Dr. James Hanratty for his clinical contributions, especially to the chapters on mandibular chin grafts and sinus lifts, and Dr. Periklis Proussaefs for his contribution of the Loma Linda technique.
I would also like to thank Drs. Scott Kissel, Roger Wise, Federico Brugnami, Irving Glickman, Kenneth Kornman, and George Goumenous for their clinical contributions. Any omissions of recognition are accidental and will be corrected in any future editions.It must be noted that the chapters written on dental esthetics, esthetic diagnosis, and fundamentals of esthetics relied in large part on the following source material: The Principles of Visual Perception and Their Clinical Application to Denture Esthetics by Richard E. Lombardi, Esthetics of Anterior Fixed Prosthodontics by Gerard J. Chiche and Alain Pinault, and Fundamentals of Esthetics by Claude R. Rufenacht. I wish to thank the models for this edition of the atlas, Shanon O’Brien-Cohen, Christine Watson, Judith Cohen, and Brigette Deveraux. Their help was greatly appreciated. Lastly, special recognition must be given to Robert Ullrich, without whose artwork this and the previous atlases could not have been completed. He is a master medical illustrator whose work has been copied in every textbook and atlas on periodontal surgery.
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