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Gerontological Nurse Certification Review PDF

Gerontological Nurse Certification Review PDF Free Download

Gerontological Nurse Certification Review PDF
The Gerontological Nurse Certification Review has been written as a reference and certification test review guide for registered nurses (RNs) preparing for gerontological certification. It is also a useful text for students who are studying gerontology, teachers preparing gerontology classes, and RNs working with older adults. The book presents information about preparing for the certification exam, a comprehensive compilation of content specific to gerontology, and a test bank of questions specifically developed for the RN preparing for certification in gerontology.

The book provides necessary step-by-step information for the candidate for certification to prepare and take the test in chapters 1 and 2. The remaining chapters 3 through 13 are organized according to the various topics of the blueprint of the Gerontological Nurse Certification Exam for baccalaureate and associate degree nurses. Chapter 3 focuses on topics specific to the aging population such as demographics, myths about aging, theories of aging and nursing, communication skills geared for the older adult, teaching-learning principles that work well with older adults, and the history of gerontological nursing. Chapter 4 describes the normal aging changes and questions referring to history and physical exam of older adults. Chapter 5 identifies the health promotion needs of elders such as nutrition, exercise, primary and secondary prevention strategies, and alternative and complementary health care practices used with older adults. Chapter 6 describes the environment, including safety and security, relocation, transportation, the importance of space, communitybased resources, and residential facilities. Spirituality and dying are discussed in chapter 7 with regard to advanced directives, hospice and palliative care, and the grieving process. Chapter 8 describes the acute and chronic physical illnesses most frequently experienced by older adults. Chapter 9 discusses the cognitive and psychological disorders experienced by elders, including dementia, delirium, and depression. Common medications used by older adults along with discussions about polypharmacy, issues related to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, noncompliance, and adverse drug effects are covered in chapter 10. Special topics such as pain, sexuality, and elder neglect and abuse are discussed in chapter 11. Descriptions of health policy issues and organizations that advocate for older adults are covered in chapter 12. Finally, chapter 13 discusses the scope and standards of geriatric nursing practice relating to leadership and management, research, ethical and legal issues, and professional competency.

Gerontological Nurse Certification Review PDF Free Download, Gerontological Nurse Certification Review Ebook Free