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Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition PDF

Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition PDF Free Download

Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition PDF Free Download
This seventh edition of Practical Genetic Counselling is also the final one, at least in its present form. Most of the book’s value over the years has come from it reflecting the experience of someone directly involved in genetic counselling and its problems. Since I am no longer in active clinical practice, it seems best to let this final edition stand for what I consider to be the main foundations of present-day genetic counselling, rather than attempt myself to continue it into the future. It is now 30 years since I wrote the first edition of the book, and more than 40 years since I began to practice Medical Genetics. During this time it has been truly amazing to see what has altered in terms of what we are able to do. Looking back, it seems almost unbelievable that when I started in the field there was no prenatal diagnosis, almost no carrier detection, let alone presymptomatic testing, while human molecular genetics was non-existent, as were its practical applications of mutation detection and linked DNA markers.

At another level, though, much has remained unchanged. The problems and questions that families bring to us are largely the same, and so are the main approaches used in genetic counselling to try to help them. New laboratory advances have greatly extended what we are able to do, but have not removed the need for the practice of genetic counselling, and of clinical genetics generally, to rest on these long established foundations, and on sound psychological principles for the way in which we interact with those we see. I wrote the original edition of this book primarily for those who were not experts or specialists in the field, and have been surprised to find that those working in Medical Genetics have also found it useful, particularly trainees and, increasingly, non-medical genetic counsellors. I suspect that this is because the book is short and written in simple language, and has never attempted to provide the details that can be found in larger volumes.

Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition PDF Free Download, Practical Genetic Counselling 7th Edition PDF Ebook Free