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The Washington Manual of Surgery 5th Edition PDF

The Washington Manual of Surgery 5th Edition PDF
As with the previous fi ve editions, this sixth edition of The Washington ManualTM of Surgery is designed to complement The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics. Written by resident and faculty members of the Department of Surgery, it presents a brief, rational approach to the management of patients with surgical problems. The text is directed to the reader at the level of the 2nd- or 3rd-year surgical resident, although surgical and nonsurgical attendings, medical students, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and others who provide care for patients with surgical problems will fi nd it of interest and assistance. The book provides a succinct discussion of surgical diseases, with algorithms for addressing problems based on the opinions of the physician authors. Although multiple approaches may be reasonable for some clinical situations, this manual attempts to present a single, effective approach for each. We have limited coverage of diagnosis and therapy; this is not an exhaustive surgical reference. Coverage of pathophysiology, the history of surgery, and extensive reference lists have been excluded from most areas. This is the sixth edition of the manual;
the first edition was published in 1997, followed by editions in 1999, 2002, 2005, and 2007. New to this volume is a chapter on “emergencies in surgical patients” as well as updated evidence-based medicine, with the latest information and treatment algorithms in each section. As with previous editions, this sixth edition includes updates on each topic as well as substantial new material. This is a resident-prepared manual. Each chapter was updated and revised by a resident with assistance from a faculty coauthor. Editorial oversight for the manual was shared by four senior resident coeditors (Ankit Bharat, MD, Chapters 1, 3, 4, 7 to 9, 30, 31, and 38; Amy Fox, MD, Chapters 2, 21 to 25, 29, 32, 36, and 37; Abdulhameed Aziz, MD, Chapters 5, 6, 17 to 20, 26, 28, and 34; and Matthew Porembka, MD, Chapters 10 to 16, 27, 33, and 35). The tremendous effort of all involved—residents and faculty members and particularly the senior resident coeditors—is refl ected in the quality and consistency of the chapters. I am indebted to the former senior editor of this work, Gerard M. Doherty, MD, who developed and oversaw the fi rst three editions, then handed over to me an exceptionally well-organized project. I am grateful for the continued tremendous support from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, who have been supportive of the effort and have supplied dedicated assistance. Brian Brown has been tremendously helpful, and Brendan Huffman has been a terrifi c developmental editor, keeping me in line and on schedule.
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