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A Textbook of Community Nursing 2nd Edition PDF

A Textbook of Community Nursing 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

A Textbook of Community Nursing 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

This book has been designed to support staff who may be new to working in a community setting and is an essential guide to practice. We envisage that it will be useful for pre-registration students on community placement, community staff nurses and nurses moving from an acute work environment to take up a community post. The aim of the book is to develop and support nurses to work safely and effectively in a range of community locations.
Community nurses work in a great diversity of roles and a variety of settings – including schools, the workplace, health clinics and the home (Naidoo and Wills, 2016). They empower individuals, families and communities to have control over their health and to improve their wellbeing. They also work across the lifespan, and with a range of social groups that include those who are vulnerable, experience inequalities and are socially excluded. Not only do community nurses work autonomously in leading, managing and providing acute and long-term health and social care, anticipatory care and palliative care, but they also have a public health remit. They have a pivotal role in health protection, ill-health prevention and health improvement. Community practice is dynamic, forever changing and in a constant state of flux. Baguley et al. (2010) have conceptualized community nursing in Figure I.1, which illustrates that, in the promotion of optimum health and wellbeing, community

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