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ABC of the First Year 6th Edition PDF

ABC of the First Year 6th Edition PDF
The First Year of Life was the first series of ABC articles commissioned and published weekly by the BMJ and later collected and published as a book. This new fifth edition is called ABC of the First Year to identify it with the ABC series. The ABC series is continuing to tackle new subjects in all branches of medicine and surgery: 46 series have been published and 43 books are still in print. The first edition of The First Year of Life was printed in black and white and some colour was introduced in the last edition. The majority of the pages in this new edition are in colour and nearly 100 new photographs have been added. Each chapter has been thoroughly revised with considerable changes in the chapters on prenatal assessment, infants of low birthweight, breathing difficulties in the newborn, and diarrhoea. The charts for developmental review have incorporated the latest recommendations of the Department of Health. New sections have been added on the infant of low birthweight at home, advice on travelling abroad with an infant, and paediatric HIV infection.The book was written for family doctors, GP vocational trainees, medical students, midwives, and nurses. It has become the standard textbook for several undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The emphasis has been on the practical aspects of management, based on clinical experience, but theory is introduced where it is essential for understanding the basis of management. No previous experience of paediatrics is assumed. I welcome Dr Roslyn Thomas who has joined me as co-author of this edition.
I wish to thank the staff of the BMJ, and especially Alex Stibbe who has acted as midwife for the fifth edition of the book, and my wife who has constantly supported me and encouraged me to write. For ease of reading and simplicity a single pronoun has been used for both feminine and masculine subjects; a specific gender is not implied. Bernard Valman Foreword to the first edition The care of infants and their mothers has changed rapidly in the past 10 years and it is often difficult to identify those advances that will prove of lasting value to the clinician. Dr Bernard Valman’s articles on the first year of life, published recently in the BMJ and collected in book form, aim at providing the clinician in the community and in hospital with generally accepted views on the medical management of infants. The main difference between paediatrics and general medicine is the range of normality, which changes with age. The greatest changes occur in the first year of life. Dr Valman’s articles provide an account of normal development during this year, with particular emphasis on its assessment, so that deviations may be easily recognised. These articles have been collected together to provide a practical guide for general practitioners and the many other staff who care for the new born and young infants.
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