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ABC of Urology 2nd Edition PDF

ABC of Urology 2nd Edition PDF
There have been considerable technical and scientific innovations since the publication of the first edition of the ABC of Urology nearly 10 years ago. The time is therefore right for the publication of this revised second edition. Acknowledging the progress made in each area of urology we felt that it was appropriate for us to take on an editorial role and invite specialist authors each to contribute to their area of expertise. Each chapter has been completely rewritten and contains up to date information contributed by an expert in the field. We hope that this edition will be the more authoritative as a result. The ABC of Urology remains a useful introduction to the subject for surgeons training for the MRCS and will also provide a source of information for medical students. The style of each chapter also means that this book will prove a useful resource for nursing and ancillary staff dealing with patients with urological problems. We remain indebted to the staff of Blackwell Publishing without whose efforts this revised edition would not have been possible.
Urological disorders account for about one third of all surgical admissions to hospital. Urological pathology is also a common reason for patients to present in primary care. Although few urological conditions are immediately life threatening, many may have a profound effect on the patient’s quality of life. As with all other medical and surgical specialties, subspecialisation has occurred within urological practice. Evidence in the confidential enquiry into perioperative deaths (CEPOD) highlighted that transurethral prostatectomy, the operation performed most often in urological departments, is associated with a significantly lower mortality when performed by surgeons who undertake more than 50 such procedures a year. Most urologists will undertake core urology and will subspecialise in one or two of the component parts of urology. One common theme is that urological surgery requires specialised urological nursing to be effective Urodynamic disorders Problems of bladder outflow obstruction secondary to benign prostatic hypertrophy constitute about one third of cases in urological practice.
Other urodynamic disorders occur in patients with neurological disorders of many kinds. The management of patients with urinary incontinence may also be included under this heading, although urogynaecologists are now taking over a considerable part of this workload.
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