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Accelerate Your Career In Nursing PDF

Accelerate Your Career In Nursing PDF Free Download

Accelerate Your Career In Nursing PDF Free Download

Accelerate Your Career in Nursing: A Guide to Professional Advancement and Recognition spells out how nurses can recognize and document their accomplishments and then use them to advance within health care. Our ultimate goal is that this book will, in turn, give nurses the credentials they need to earn a place at the health care table, in whatever setting that may be.

Within the book s chapters, a cadre of nurse leaders in education, academia, research, health care administration, and health policy share expertise and wisdom. Each author or author team discusses a number of current and emerging topics to help complement the various stages of your career trajectory. A complementary feature of this book is that the authors recount a defining personal moment in their professional careers and its connection to their respective chapters.

The content and special features of this book reflect the increased need for nurses to express their professional best and validate their distinction of excellence in today s health care arena. Each chapter provides helpful tips, informative tables, and resources and examples needed to advance professionally. In addition, we include personal stories based on the experiences of each author. These pieces, titled In Real Life, reflect the author s vast expertise and passion for the nursing profession. Remember This sections highlight major themes in each chapter, while those titled Good to Know offer relevant information for your consideration.

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  • Accelerate Your Career In Nursing PDF
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