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Acute Respiratory Infections PDF

Acute Respiratory Infections PDF Free Download

Acute Respiratory Infections PDF Free Download

Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) are the most common acute medical problem encountered in primary care. Not only are RTIs very common, the spectrum of disease is wide. Clinical management differs according to the characteristics of the infected host and infecting pathogen. Despite these features, there are currently no pocketbooks that bring together clinically relevant information on this broad and important subject area in an accessible and practical manner.

This pocketbook offers a concise companion for health care professionals who manage patients with acute lung infections. The book covers aspects related to the diagnosis and initial management of these patients, with attention to specific infections which are notable for being difficult to manage, common or of particular clinical importance. The book will appeal to a wide variety of professionals in acute medicine, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, primary care, and other internal
medicine specialties.

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  • Acute Respiratory Infections PDF
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