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Acute Surgical Management PDF

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the largest public sector hospital in Singapore. Established in 1821, SGH serves as the nation’s main tertiary care and acute care hospital. Within the grounds of SGH are 21 specialty departments with close links to the four national centres (National Cancer Centre Singapore, National Heart Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre and the National Dental Centre) within the same compound. With a strong tradition of clinical excellence, SGH has been intimately involved in the training and teaching of both undergraduate medical students from the National University of Singapore and postgraduate students in the various specialties and sub-specialties of medicine since the days when the Medical Faculty was located at the Sepoy Lines (the current location of the Ministry of Health). SGH also prides itself on having extended training opportunities to clinical fellows and students from all over the world. The chapters in this book are written by surgeons, radiologists and anaesthesiologists from this hospital. Together with basic surgical principles, the unique local experiences and perspectives are presented. There are two parts to this book. Part I of the book deals with the principles of management of acute surgical emergencies. These emergencies include craniofacial, otorhinolaryngological, cardiovascular and thoracic, gastrointestinal, gynaecological, urological, perianal, orthopaedic and hand, as well as those involving the soft tissue and skin

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