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Addictive Disorders in Medical Populations PDF

Addictive Disorders in Medical Populations PDF Free Download

Addictive Disorders in Medical Populations PDF Free Download

This book has a much wider focus than traditional books writtenabout drug and alcohol addictions. This unique book is written bymedical specialists who diagnose, treat and research addictivedisorders in their specialities. Thus, it meets the needs of thetypical medical practitioner who wants to learn about and treatpatients with addictive disorders in their practices. Becausealcohol and drug problems are so prevalent and affect medicalconditions profoundly, the medical specialist will improve theirknowledge and skill to diagnose and treat addictive disorders intheir specialties.

Drug and alcohol addictions occur commonly in medicalpopulations; 25–50% of patients seen by primary carephysicians have alcohol and drug disorders, with even higherprevalence in certain medical specialty populations. Drug use(including illicit drug use and actual or perceived misuse ofprescribed medications), alcohol use, and what has been calledunhealthy drinking are even more common in trauma centers and oursociety. Currently, there are no authoritative addiction texts thatfocus on the identification, intervention and management of either“addictive disorders in medical populations” or“medical complications in addiction populations”.

Neurobiological progress in the field of addiction has beenamazing and evidence-based treatments have developed at aphenomenal pace, with bench to office applications for tobacco,alcohol and drugs. Pharmacological and psychosocial treatments aredescribed here in detail and in practical terms. The medical andmental complications of addiction are explained comprehensivelythroughout the text. Clinical considerations are the predominanttheme, with the standards of clinical practice grounded in the mostcurrent research. The chapters include practical presentations ofboth clinical and research materials, with instruments forscreening and assessment and treatment.

It will be useful for all those seeking information to help apatient or family with a tobacco, alcohol or drug problem. We hopethis book can give answers and direction to the identification andmanagement of addictions and their medical complications in patientpopulations.

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  • Addictive Disorders in Medical Populations PDF
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