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Amniotic Fluid PDF

Amniotic Fluid PDF Free Download

Amniotic Fluid PDF Free Download

This is an important, comprehensive book about amniotic fluid embolism (AFE), a rare and usually fatal condition in which amniotic fluid suddenly floods the body of a woman giving birth. It has been known to cause afflicted women to commit suicide and in at least one case a husband left behind to go mad. Dr. Lian shares her knowledge of AFE, including methods of prevention and treatment, in order to help save the lives of pregnant women. She flashes back in time with vivid descriptions of cases she encountered while practicing as an Ob-gyn in China and then goes on to other cases she has researched to learn more about this silent killer of women. She offers pregnant women advice on how to take care of themselves to minimize their chances of being struck down. She also describes the symptoms they should immediately tell their doctors about if they encounter them in the birthing process. Then, she tells medical practitioners how to diagnose AFE as early as possible. She follows that with highly specific information about the treatment procedures she believes are most likely to save the lives of women and their fetuses. She even has a list of conditions that may be misdiagnosed as AFE. Finally, Dr. Lian offers a fascinating chapter about the Mona Lisa, in which she suggests that Leonardo da Vinci may have understood this condition over five hundred years before anyone else.

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