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Anatomy 101 PDF

The human body has always amazed mankind. Early scientific drawings and diagrams demonstrate the long-standing fascination with the body. Even cave drawings and later hieroglyphs illustrate that people were aware of the complex machinery of the human body. Our fascination continues to the present day, as we dig ever deeper into learning everything we can about the human body. Our understanding has advanced dramatically in just the last 20 years alone.
The study of the human body is divided into two different but closely related disciplines. Human anatomy is the study of the structure of the human body while physiology is the study of its function. Together, they help us understand how the human body works. In this book, you won’t just learn the structure of the human body and the functions of its various parts, you’ll also discover why it does what it does. Cells, tissues, and organs are often intricately arranged to facilitate many functions simultaneously; complex biochemical processes take place that enable your body to perform those functions. In Anatomy 101, all of these processes and structures of the human body are explained. After reading this book you’ll know the human body inside and out. The amount of complexity can seem overwhelming when you’re studying anatomy and physiology, especially at first, and particularly if….

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