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Anatomy and Physiology From Science to Life 2nd Edition PDF

Anatomy and Physiology From Science to Life 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Anatomy and Physiology From Science to Life 2nd Edition PDF

As active, “seasoned” teachers of anatomy and physiology, we find the mission of guiding our students toward an understanding of the complexities of the human body immensely rewarding. The study of anatomy and physiology is the foundation upon which a variety of gratifying health-related careers is built. Assisting students in recognizing the importance of this science as essential to their future professions and personal life is fulfilling. It is also challenging. Today’s anatomy and physiology students bring to the classroom an increasing diversity in educational background, learning styles, abilities, and language skills. Many students entering an anatomy and physiology course have not yet developed a working comfort level of the critical thinking and problem-based learning skills that are essential for success in health science vocations. These include the ability to analyze and summarize presented information, extrapolate gained knowledge to newly encountered situations, and integrate isolated facts into retained conceptual understanding. While we endeavor to help our students with the challenges that they face, we recognize that our colleagues face a number of obstacles as well. Those of us fortunate enough to teach anatomy and physiology strive to design sound curricula within the confines of limited course contact hours and instructional resources. We faculty are obligated to keep pace with an information overload driven by the ever-expanding needs of the health science programs into which our students will matriculate. Faced with these challenges, today’s anatomy and physiology students, and their faculty, can become overwhelmed in the development of vital skills and by the rigors of the course textbook and curriculum. The second edition focuses on aiding critical thinking, conceptual understanding, and relevant application of knowledge when studying anatomy and physiology. All chapter case stories have been revised and streamlined to provide a clearer path for students in making the relevant links between factual knowledge and practical application. And, many illustrations and photos have been newly rendered in a more realistic, contemporary style to create an enriched visual environment for students. Text Updates Every chapter in this edition of From Science to Life incorporates a host of improvements to both the text and the art developed by ourselves and suggested by reviewers, educators, or students.

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