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Anatomy at a Glance 1st Edition PDF

Anatomy at a Glance 1st Edition PDF Free Download
Anatomy at a Glance 1st Edition PDF

There is a change in existing system of Anatomy—in teaching; in question pattern; as well as, in duration. No doubt it is a vast subject. There are many textbooks, but I feel it is impossible for the student to memorise, and revise the subject before examination. For this reason I was inspired by the students to write this book Anatomy at a Glance. Every chapter of this book is provided with understandable, appropriate diagrams. The beauty of this book is that diagrams are more than written pages, and most of the diagrams are on the same page along the writing material, which would be helpful to the students for visual impression. Most of the chapter is purposefully written in tabulated form. This book will help the medical, paramedical and nursing students. It would also be helpful to PG students for quick revision of Anatomy. It is written in simple language. In glossary, I have given meanings of various medical terminology. At the beginning of each chapter I have given necessary terminology. In Window Dissection Chapter, student can quickly learn Anatomy point by point, unnecessary details in Anatomy have been omitted here. In each chapter I have tried to give the functional anatomy. There may be unknowing errors in writing or printing of this book. If my colleagues or students focus me I shall be highly obliged. Any suggestion regarding improvement are always welcome.

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