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Angina and Heart Attack PDF

Angina and Heart Attack PDF Free Download

Angina and Heart Attack PDF Free Download

This book is a special edition of our series of books on Health Optimization Medicine. The purposes of this book include:

(1) Teaching methodology for developing optimal healing programs for the heart and the brain;
(2) Enabling readers to cure vascular diseases and eliminating stroke risk completely;
(3) Enabling readers to strengthen mental health and brain function; and
(4) Teaching readers to prevent future vascular diseases.

Heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death. The book provides detailed easy-to-follow optimization methodology for curing heart diseases and eliminating stroke risk. It covers all important subjects that are essential to curing heart diseases and eliminate stroke risks. The primary focus, however, is designing exercises with focus on deep breath, relaxation, induction, mind focus, mind regulation, action mode and calories burning capacity. It teaches how to raise the healing power of exercises from a fraction to a big part of the maximum potential.

All analysis is revolving around individuals rather than the U.S. population. The approach is based upon Chinese Medicine, system optimization, new discoveries in stem cells function, and new discoveries of the extraordinary power of the Central Nerve System.

  • Angina and Heart Attack PDF Free Download,
  • Angina and Heart Attack Free Ebook,
  • Angina and Heart Attack PDF
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