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Atlas of Procedures in Breast Cancer Surgery PDF

Atlas of Procedures in Breast Cancer Surgery PDF Free Download

Atlas of Procedures in Breast Cancer Surgery PDF Free Download

A practical guide to the procedures involved in surgery for breast cancer, Atlas of Procedures in Breast Cancer Surgery is a collaboration of practitioners from one of the world’s leading cancer centers. Designed to give readers a detailed overview, each of the requisite procedures is comprehensively profiled, including mastectomy, lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, and other treatments. The authors discuss the latest developments in sentinel lymph node biopsy, refinements to the classic methods of excision and of reconstruction, and surgical issues in the male breast cancer patient.

Each procedure is fully illustrated, step-by-step and in color. The accompanying DVD contains live surgical footage with spoken commentary. You can review the procedures in full-color photographs and then view six selected procedures on video. The combination of photographs, written text, surgical footage, and spoken commentary is one of the most realistic approaches to understanding complex surgical procedures available without actually scrubbing into the case. By creating the foundation of this text exclusively from color images of actual surgical procedures, the authors offer a vantage point similar to that of the operating surgeon.

The atlas provides valuable information with coverage ranging from the most basic precepts involved in planning and executing a surgical breast biopsy to sophisticated techniques of breast-conservation therapy, regional node biopsy, and breast reconstruction. The chapter authors have, in the last decade, collectively treated more than 10,000 patients with primary operable breast cancer. They present a unique perspective on approaches to the problems surrounding the surgical treatment of the breast cancer patient-approaches that have been refined many times over.

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