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Auscultation Skills Breath & Heart Sounds 5th Edition PDF

Auscultation Skills Breath & Heart Sounds 5th Edition PDF Free Download
Auscultation Skills Breath & Heart Sounds 5th Edition PDF

Auscultation Slcills: B~ath & Heart Sounds, Fifth Edition, and companion Web site with fully searchable text and audio cues have been designed to provide you with a practical tool to improve your ability to auscultate for these sounds and enhance your understanding of their physiology. By using this book together with the audio cues and referring to it time and time again, you can review each breath and heart sound until you recognize it perfectly. This invaluable reference explains the physiology and pathophysiology of more than 40 different breath sounds and 50 different heart sounds. Dlustrations highlight each system’s anatomy as well as areas affected by-and auscultatory sites for-the sounds discussed. The accompanying audio on the companion Web site provides electronically generated examples of nearly all the breath and heart sounds in the book. Breath sound examples begin with normal inspiration to make it easier for you to determine where the abnormality occurs in the respiratory cycle. Heart sounds start with the first heart sound to help you better recognize abnormalities in the cardiac cycle. We recommend that you first go through the book and the audio cues sequentially, and then go through again to .review the sounds that you find difficult. In the book, in bold type. a cue track number appears whenever you should play the audio to a particular track to bear a sound. Use the pretests at the beginning of each chapter to check your understanding of the subject matter. If you are unsure of an answer, focus on that particular area of study as you read through the chapter. Then, after you have finished the chapter and listened to all accompanying audio examples, take the posttest to help you gauge your understanding of key concepts . You will find detailed posttest answers at the back of the book. X Throughout the text, you will find graphic icons that call your attention to important points. Auscultation tips advise you of sites and techniques to detect tricky sounds. Alerts warn you of life-threatening auscultation findings that demand an urgent response. Age iss.u is a feature that describes age-related differences in lung and heart anatomy and physiology as well as changes in auscultation findings across the life span. For quick reference, we have compiled a glossary of commonly used terms and abhfe.. viations and an easy-~read chart of common disorders matched with their specific abnormal breath and heart sounds. This edition also contains rapid-review flowcharts of seven common respiratory and cardiac findings that briefly describe what you’re listening to, provide information to further direct your patient assessment, and detail appropriate diagnostic tests, treatments, and related care to give you a guidepost for further interventions. It also bas a listing of EnglishSpanish phrases that you will want to consult when performing a respiratory or cardiac assessment on a patient who speaks Spanish. This resource will help you communicate more clearly with these patients and, thus, perform an accurate assessment

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