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Benign Breast Diseases 2nd Edition PDF

Benign Breast Diseases 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Benign Breast Diseases 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Since the publication of the fi rst edition of this book in 2004, there have been a lot of advances in radiology, pathology and molecular pathology of both benign and malignant breast diseases. There are very few books on benign breast disease, which is a gap that needs to be fi lled, because understanding of the biological behaviour of benign breast lesions will assist the clinician and the patient to assess the risk of malignancy and formulate a follow-up strategy or take appropriate preventative measures. This book has therefore attempted to evaluate the radiological and pathological features of common benign lesions and the associated risk of subsequent breast cancer and, where possible, included the management of these lesions. Since the fi rst edition, there has been improved understanding of the pathology of columnar cell lesions and mucocoele-like lesions, and these chapters are much longer than in the fi rst edition. To aid better understanding of benign breast lesions, a chapter on normal breast has been included. Other new chapters include: an overview of benign breast lesions (Chap. 2 ), infl ammatory lesions (Chap. 6 ) and male breast lesions (Chap. 15 ).
Phyllodes tumour has been included in the chapter on fibroepithelial lesions (Chap. 10 ) as the lesion shares clinical, radiological, pathological and genetic features with the fi broadenoma. The statistics involved in risk assessment are complex, but statistics are also becoming routine in patient management. To this end, the author has expanded the chapter on risk assessment to include some defi nitions. This chapter also includes the different models used in risk assessment of breast cancer which will no doubt become routine as part of patients’ personalised medicine. The second edition also includes more radiological and pathological illustrations to refl ect the heterogeneous nature of the benign lesions. Genetic assessment is becoming part of patient management for both malignant and benign lesions.

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