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Blueprints Pediatrics 6th Edition PDF

Blueprints Pediatrics 6th Edition PDF Free Download

Blueprints Pediatrics 6th Edition PDF

Blueprints Pediatrics was first published almost 15 years ago as part of a series of books designed to help medical students prepare for USMLE Steps 2 and 3. Just as professional board evaluations have developed over time, and medical training continues to advance, so too has Pediatric Blueprints evolved to assist practitioners and students across multiple evaluation settings. Examination preparation remains a core component of the series; to that end, the authors review the subject parameters posted by the testing board before each edition. The authors and editors work together to organize the most important and factually current material into a complete yet concise review guide. Our ultimate goal remains integrating depth of factual knowledge with breadth of practice information in order to optimize both understanding and retention. We have been pleased to hear from our readers that the book is utilized by many medical students during their pediatric clinical rotations, as well as in preparation for shelf and board examinations.
Residents in emergency medicine and family practice as well as nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants have found Blueprints helpful during the pediatric portion of their training. We believe the book’s applications have broadened with each edition due to the quality of our guest authors and their dedication to highlighting and clarifying a targeted range of basic yet important topics that must be mastered in order to treat children. Each chapter in the book consists of a single subject for review. Most can be read in less than an hour. The topics contained in each chapter are grouped in an orderly fashion, with an end-of-chapter “Key Points” section that permits instant review and highlights the concepts most frequently tested. This edition includes 100 questions and answers, as well as access to 50 more posted online. The questions are written in the “clinical vignette” style used on USMLE and Pediatric Board examinations. Thus, readers not only can evaluate their grasp of the material but also begin to acclimate themselves to the expected testing environment.

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