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Body Image 2nd Edition PDF

Body Image 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Body Image 2nd Edition PDF
Author Eric Franklin
File size 3 MB
Year 2012
Pages 448
Language English
File format PDF
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Book Description

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery Second Edition expands on the classic text and reference written by Eric Franklin an internationally renowned teacher dancer and choreographer who has been sharing his imagery techniques for 25 years.

In this new edition Franklin shows you how to use imagery touch and movement exercises to improve your coordination and alignment. These exercises will also help you relieve tension enhance the health of your spine and back and prevent back injury.

This expanded new edition includes

• more than 600 imagery exercises along with nearly 500 illustrations to help you visualize the exercises and use them in various contexts;

• audio files for dynamic imagery exercises set to music and posted online to the book’s product page; and

• updated chapters throughout the book including new material on integrated dynamic alignment exercises and dynamic alignment and imagery.

This book will help you discover your natural flexibility and quickly increase your power to move. You’ll learn elements of body design. You’ll explore how to use imagery to improve your confidence and you’ll discover imagery conditioning programs that will lead you toward better alignment safer movement increased fitness and greater joy. Further you’ll examine how to apply this understanding to your discipline or training to improve your performance.

Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery Second Edition will help you experience the biomechanical and anatomical principles that are crucial to dancers other performing artists yoga and Pilates teachers and practitioners and athletes. The techniques and exercises presented in the book will guide you in improving your posture—and they will positively affect your thoughts and attitude about yourself and others and help you feel and move better both mentally and physically.

Body Image 2nd Edition PDF Body Image 2nd Edition PDF Free Download Body Image 2nd Edition PDF Ebook