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Boh’s Pharmacy Practice Manual 4th Edition PDF

Boh’s Pharmacy Practice Manual 4th Edition PDF : A Guide to the Clinical Experience

Boh's Pharmacy Practice Manual 4th Edition PDF Free Download
Thoroughly revised for its Fourth Edition, this pocket-sized manual is created for students to use during rotations in PharmD programs, and also provides a wealth of crucial information for new practitioners. Boh’s is the clinical clerkship manual designed specifically for pharmacy students and pharmacists new to the field, helping students and new practitioners move from dispensing medications to establishing relationships with patients and improving the understanding of pharmacotherapeutics in a patient-centered setting. The new fourth edition features:

• NEW color format that makes educational images pop
• NEW table of contents presenting better structural organization: text is streamlined and efficient
• Textual updates reflect practice and market changes
• Expanded calculation coverage
• A high-level discussion of medication therapy management
• Lists, tables, and boxes that present high-yield material needed for day-to-day clinical work

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