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Brachytherapy PDF Free Download

Brachytherapy PDF Free Download

This book was developed for the AAPM 2017 Summer School in Portland, Oregon, held in conjunction with the American Brachytherapy Association. Brachytherapy has been a popular topic for AAPM summer schools, with this marking the third time the subject has been covered (past schools on the topic were held in 1994 and 2005). This book is more than a comprehensive overview of the brachytherapy tools and techniques used in a modern clinic. The book also looks at numerous exciting approaches currently under development. Topics include HDR and LDR brachytherapy for the prostate, general planning and model-based dose calculation algorithms, intensity-modulated brachytherapy, electronic brachytherapy sources and techniques, and brachytherapy advances for treating skin, gynecological, and breast cancer. Some of the promising new techniques covered include focal therapy, the use of 3D printing to augment treatment, advances in needle tracking, in vivo dosimetry, and the use of robotics in brachytherapy.

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