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Brain Imaging with MRI and CT An Image Pattern Approach PDF

Brain Imaging with MRI and CT An Image Pattern Approach PDF
This book was conceived based on the requests and suggestions from radiology residents and neuroradiology fellows (especially once they actually started practicing) and on my own interest in writing a different kind of book. There are already somewhat similar volumes with a differential diagnosis instead of a textbook format; however, the pattern approach, by which the entities are grouped into categories based solely on the imaging findings, represents a novel concept. The goal of this work is to be useful in real life clinical practice (as well as the board exams) – it is not intended just for neuroradiologists, but probably even more so for practicing general radiologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, pediatricians and other physicians. The book starts with the bilateral symmetric and midline lesion patterns, as these are the easiest ones to miss, especially by relatively inexperienced readers. The design has been standardized with images on the left-hand page and the text on the right, and I am personally responsible for the layouts of well over 1500 pictures. Every attempt has been made to include at least two different patients with each entity, and there are only a few with a single one, while frequently the cases comprise images from three or more individuals. The text is concise and broken down into smaller sections, stressing the distinguishing features, both imaging and clinical, with links to other similar cases under the differential diagnosis section. The book may be used in different ways: by comparing the pattern(s) with an actual clinical case; when looking for characteristics of a certain disease process or a normal variant; for jumping from one case to another through the differential diagnosis sections; as a test (with the right-hand page covered), and even as a regular book from the beginning to the end.
This volume is certainly not aimed at replacing textbooks, but should rather be viewed as a complementary source. It is an attempt at pattern-based approach, not perfect and definitely not all encompassing. There are entities that are not included as separate cases, such as Krabbe disease, neuromyelitis optica, and lacunar infarcts, to name a few, which were for different reasons initially considered. They are, however, listed and briefly described under the differential diagnosis sections. The objective was a book of a reasonable size that would more thoroughly cover the majority of the common and/or radiologically characteristic entities. At some point adding new cases and images, revising text, and updating references had to stop. I would like to thank all the contributors, especially my co-editors and friends Mauricio, Ben and Andrea. I would also like to acknowledge the colleagues from around the world who have generously provided their excellent cases: Angelika Gutenberg, Chung-Ping Lo, Pranshu Sharma, Se Jeong Jeon, Yasuhiro Nakata and Zolta´n Patay. I would like to thank everybody at Cambridge University Press for enabling me to publish the book which I wanted to write for years. Finally, my special thanks go to my parents, Mirjana and Zvonko, for their continuous support and promotion of academic activity, and to my wife Tihana and daughters Rita, Frida and Zora for their patience and understanding.
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