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Brugada Syndrome PDF

Brugada Syndrome PDF Free Download

Brugada Syndrome PDF Free Download

God’s work can be subtle, or it can be dramatic and life altering

On September 26, 2013 Lawrence Hodges had no pulse and no breath for 15 minutes. God brought him back to learn the reason for his terrifying attack: Brugada syndrome. His life was forever changed by the very likely chance he will experience another, possibly fatal, heart attack—at any time.

This is not the first test God had placed before Lawrence.

Years before, as a young man, he was headed down a path of gambling, violence, and theft. Trying desperately to find what was missing in his life, he continued to trust the wrong people and eventually found himself in prison facing a life sentence for murder. It was there, at his lowest point, where he finally found God and began studying His word.

Now, facing a diagnosis of Brugada syndrome, he must trust God to show him how to live as a survivor and come to terms with his new condition both physically and spiritually. In this autobiography, Lawrence reveals his journey to God and how His word has saved him, body and soul.

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