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Cardiology by Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD PDF

Cardiology by Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD PDF Free Download

Cardiology by Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD PDF Free Download
A systemic immune response that occurs as a reaction to infection by βHemolytic strain of Streptococci

It is a proliferation of microorganisms on the endothelial surface of the heart.

The organisms that can cause SBE include:
①Streptococcal Viridians (?! Commonest organism)
②Streptococcal faecalis
③Staph aureus (the Most Virulent form)
④Fungal infections (in IV drug addicts)
⑤Gm –ve organisms (after Urinary Procedures)
⑥Rickettsial infections e.gQ fever

If any patient with underlying cardiac lesion e.g. Valvular heart disease –congenital hear disease-AMI-developed FUO plus Murmur of AR (EDM)….. You should suspect SBE.
Note 1
Fungal Endocarditis
❶May occur on T.V. especially in IV drug addicts
❷Culture –ve endocarditis
❸Associated with Big Vegetations that may obstruct the T.V. (Stenosis)…this could be detected on Echo
❹this condition is suspected clinically if
the patient’s Heart Failure
is Resistant to treatment.
❶Prophylaxis against Rheumatic Fever and SBE
❷Surgery (Valve replacement)
❸In Acute MR vasodilator therapy or Intraaortic balloon counter pulsations my be useful to stabilize the patient by decreasing the afterload and thus allowing more blood to go to the Aorta.
❹In Mitral Valve Prolapse MVP decreasing
contractility of the heart by beta blockers
or Ca channel blockers may decrease
the degree of Mitral Resurge.

❶Senile AS (Due to calcification)
❸Big vegetation of SBE
❹Big lipid deposits in +++ Hyperlipidemia

Cardiology by Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD Free Download, Cardiology by Dr Tarek Abdelhamid MD PDF Ebook Free