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Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF

Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF Free Download

Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF Free Download

Compiled by a team of students and practising doctors and consultants from the University of Edinburgh Medical School in the UK, Cardiology in a Heartbeat provides practical advice to enable the reader to get to grips with the subject quickly and easily.
This unique author team brings the reader the best of both worlds: the student authors focus on what students need to know whilst the contributions from senior medics ensure the book is accurate and covers the subject completely.
The attractive full-color layout and short, consistent chapters mean the book is easy to navigate through; this is especially useful when the reader wants to quickly brush up on a particular topic or find an answer to a specific question.
The book boasts an array of design features specifically for students (such as ‘pro-tips’, ‘exam essentials’, mnemonics, ‘in a nutshell’ sections) to really help the reader understand the subject and, just as importantly, to pass their exams.

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  • Cardiology in a Heartbeat PDF
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