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Cardiology Secrets 5th Edition PDF

Cardiology Secrets 5th Edition PDF Free Download
Cardiology Secrets 5th Edition PDF

This book is the third edition of Cardiology Secrets that I have edited and overall the 13th book that I have authored or edited. My hope again is that this book, with its unique format, will serve to educate healthcare providers in a didactic, interactive, interesting, and engaging manner on the optimal evaluation and management of patients with cardiovascular disease. For this edition, we have reorganized the layout of the book and new dedicated sections on peripheral vascular and cerebrovascular disease, venous thromboembolic disease, and the heart in specific populations and conditions. We have added new chapters on hypercoagulability states, specific valvular lesions, sleep apnea and the heart, heart disease in women, cardio-oncology, cardiac arrest, transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), carotid artery disease, and hemorrhagic stroke. And we have added scores of new figures, illustrations, and flow diagrams. I am deeply indebted to the more than 100 national and international experts and thought leaders in cardiovascular disease who have taken time from their many academic and clinical responsibilities to contribute to the book. I am similarly indebted to Nicole DiCicco, Elsevier Content Support Manager for the book, and to Jim Merritt, Elsevier Executive Content Strategist, who first recruited me to the Secrets series and who I have worked closely with on all three editions of Cardiology Secrets that I have edited. I hope you find this book enjoyable and educational and that it in some small way it serves to improve the care of the patients that entrust their health to us. As always, I welcome comments and suggestions from readers; my email is

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