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Cardiovascular Clinical Trials PDF

Cardiovascular Clinical Trials PDF Free Download

Cardiovascular Clinical Trials PDF Free Download

The pace of therapeutic advances in the treatment ofcardiovascular diseases is rapid, and new clinically-relevantinformation appears with such frequency that it can be extremelychallenging for clinicians to keep up.

Still, knowledge and interpretation of major clinical trials iscrucial for the range of clinicians who manage cardiovascularpatients, especially since important trial evidence often needs tobe implemented soon after it is published.

Confidently apply gold standard treatment for 10 of the mostcritical areas of cardiology
Written by an international team of experts,Cardiovascular Clinical Trials: Putting the Evidence intoPractice:

  • Provides a succinct overview of recent major clinical trials -the gold standard for all medical treatment – across all the majorcardiovascular subspecialties, to ensure you’re up-to-date onthe most critical findings
  • Guides cardiology trainees and clinicians on how cardiovascularclinical trials are designed and conducted, including statisticalmethodology, so you can conduct and/or appraise future trialsyourself
  • Addresses methodology as well as clinical effectiveness
  • Offers evidence-based assessments on the most effectivetreatments and authoritative clinical information on management ofthe conditions so you can confidently apply what you learn

Physicians, surgeons, specialist nurses – any clinicianseeking an accessible resource for designing and conductingcardiovascular trials and then translating their results intopractice will appreciate this book’s clear guidance andsuccinct and practical approach.


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