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Cardiovascular Diabetology PDF

Cardiovascular Diabetology PDF Free Download

Cardiovascular Diabetology PDF Free Download

The prevalence of obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes – three links of the same ‘atherothrombotic chain’ – has reached pandemic proportions worldwide. As a result, our civilization is at war against a threatening enemy: cardio-diabetes. Several independent physiological processes underlie the clustering of cardio-diabetes, including central obesity, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, inflammation, impaired glucose tolerance, and hypertension. Early detection is of overwhelming importance for public health.
The complex and intimate relationship between cardiovascular disease and diabetes from basic science to clinical and therapeutic concerns is discussed in this outstanding book. Beginning with molecular, biochemical, inflammatory and cellular aspects, this publication continues with histological and pathophysiological issues, details particular problems in specific metabolic and clinical settings, and finally analyzes several aspects of clinical pharmacology focusing on the optimal management of combined dyslipidemia and non-insulin antidiabetic therapy in cardiac diabetic patients.
This book will be a gain in knowledge for every cardiologist, diabetologist, specialist in internal medicine, nutritionalist, general physician and medical student.

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