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Cardiovascular MR Manual PDF

Cardiovascular MR Manual PDF Free Download

Cardiovascular MR Manual PDF Free Download

The book provides an introduction to CMR imaging that is understandable and focused on the relevant information needed to using CMR imaging in clinical practice. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging has become an established imaging modality with an expanding range of clinical indications. While in the past the availability of CMR imaging was limited to a few specialist centres the method is becoming more widely available. Most clinicians therefore need to have a general understanding of the diagnostic information that can be obtained from CMR imaging, the indications for referral as well as contraindications and limitations of the method. For cardiologists and radiologists in particular, CMR imaging will become a routine diagnostic tool and training curricula in Cardiology or Radiology reflect this trend by increasingly demanding training in CMR imaging.

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  • Cardiovascular MR Manual PDF
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