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The Chief Complaint PDF

The Chief Complaint PDF Free Download

The Chief Complaint PDF Free Download

A chief complaint based handbook for diagnosing and treating patients in the ER

How would you like to walk in the ER confident that you knew what to do, no matter what comes through the door? The Chief Complaint uses an algorithmic approach to over 50 of the most common complaints encountered in the ER. Never feel lost or overwhelmed again, not knowing what the next step in the work-up is. Not sure what tests to order or if the patient can go home? The Chief Complaint helps you answer all those questions and more.

  • Algorithm based approach to the most common complaints
  • Used by the Residents of LA County + USC emergency medicine program, one of the top emergency medicine programs in the world
  • Color coded by organ system for easy navigation
  • Extensive and up to date references to the medical literature
  • Journal club feature allows you to dive deeper into the evidence basis of your decisions
  • Peer reviewed by leaders in emergency medicine
  • Never be lost or feel overwhelmed in the ER again
  • The Chief Complaint PDF Free Download,
  • The Chief Complaint Free Ebook,
  • The Chief Complaint PDF
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