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Clays and Health PDF Free Download

Clays and Health PDF Free Download

How much does a pound of Bentonite Clay cost…?

Typical Bentonite Clay (more known as Healing Clay) costs more or less $8.00 per pound (16 oz. or 2 cups) – some are more expensive, but others, which are highly sought after, cost as little as $13 per 2 pounds.

Now, how far can it go?

A typical recipe for beauty only calls for a few tablespoons, and a detoxifying solution will only need as little as 1 teaspoon. In other words, you $8 or $13 can go a long way.

Health and beauty-wise, Bentonite Clay is a must. Its main function is to cleanse impurities, and in doing so, it paves the way to a clearer skin and body. In a world dominated by chemicals and pollution, wouldn’t you at least consider giving your internal and external health some revitalizing?

This book can help you because…

•Aside from Bentonite clay, we’ll use the most common ingredients which are already available in your home – with this book, you’ll never look beyond your pantry and fridge!
•It’s packed full! 30+ recipes which will tackle not just beauty problems, but also home remedies, first aid, and cleansing and detoxing!
•You only need minutes for these effective concoctions!
•There’s no need to spend a lot of money for beauty, health, and home use!
•It’s reader-friendly – recipes are laid out nicely for your convenience!
•You can discover the ways to concoct your own beauty products using the Bentonite Healing Clay!
•You have health problems? This book has you covered, too!

What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now!

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