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Clinical Anatomy A Problem Solving Approach 2nd Edition PDF

Clinical Anatomy A Problem Solving Approach 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
Clinical Anatomy A Problem Solving Approach 2nd Edition PDF

Anatomy is the basis of medical profession as human body is the focus of examination, investigation and intervention for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. There is a re-awakening of the importance of anatomy with the realization that sound knowledge of anatomy is the backbone of safe medical practice. A doctor with sound anatomical knowledge is well-equipped to perform safe procedure or surgery, than the one who makes mistakes by cutting normal anatomical relations of the structure or organ, operated upon (for which the doctor is sued in the court of law for negligence). One must appreciate that application of anatomical knowledge is the ongoing process throughout the medical career. Therefore, clinical anatomy occupies the center stage right from the outset of medical training. There are intentional efforts by health educationists over the world to bridge the gray zone between preclinical anatomy and clinical anatomy. Learning anatomy (which includes gross anatomy, microscopic anatomy, embryology and genetics) in a short span of time is a Herculean task. Therefore, though it is not conceptually difficult, its sheer bulk makes anatomy overwhelming. In this context, a shift towards teaching/learning basic anatomy alongside clinical anatomy is a progressive step. The key to successful and enjoyable learning lies in consciously integrating the basic and the clinical anatomy right from the entry point by initiating the trainees to identify normal anatomical structures in plain radiographs, CT scans, ultrasound scans, MRI, etc. Added to this, they may be exposed to patients presenting with typical deformities due to nerve injury, patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia, etc., patients with obvious congenital defects, patients with thyroid swelling, parotid swelling, etc. This is bound to arouse their interest in learning. Another very interesting approach is to train the trainee in clinical problem solving by using anatomical knowledge. This approach not only convinces the trainees that preclinical anatomy is an integral part of bedside medicine but also expands their thinking capacity (brain power). This approach is indispensable for concept clarity and retention (rather than rote learning). Giving due regard to the constructive suggestions and comments from readers (both students and teachers) and bowing down to the request of M/s Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd, New Delhi, India the work on second edition of Clinical Anatomy (A Problem Solving Approach) was undertaken. The basic theme of the first edition developing skills in anatomical thinking for solving clinical problems has been retained. New chapters have been added on general anatomy (for giving conceptual background about basic tissues), general embryology and genetics besides osteology.

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Hardcover: 958 pages
2 edition (November 30, 2011)
Language: English

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