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Clinical Arrhythmology Second Edition PDF

Clinical Arrhythmology Second Edition

Clinical Arrhythmology Second Edition PDF

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Clinical Arrhythmology Second Edition PDF


The second edition of Clinical Arrhythmology provides a fresh clear and authoritative overview that will guide readers from a solid understanding of the mechanisms behind cardiac arrhythmias — which is fundamental to their identification — to diagnosis via electrocardiograms and other tools to specific management options for each of the arrhythmias that cardiologists and other clinicians will encounter in clinical practice.

Organized in a clear intuitive manner; introducing the reader to an understanding of the anatomical and electrophysiological bases of arrhythmias then to a comprehensive review of how to diagnose the full range of rhythmic abnormalities and then to a discussion of specific clinical syndromes in which arrhythmias play a part
Highly illustrated chapters ensure key concepts are simpler to understand
Detailed appendices provide quick reference values for diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and pharmacotherapeutic agents and Recommendations