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Clinical Assessment of Voice 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Clinical Assessment of Voice 2nd Edition PDF Free Download

Clinical Assessment of Voice 2nd Edition PDF Free Download
In Clinical Assessment of Voice, Second Edition, Dr. Sataloff brings together a dynamic group of professionals who share his interdisciplinary philosophy of voice care. They provide an introduction to medical diagnostics and special problems with professional performers and voice users and offer a rare look at the assessment procedures used by the top voice care teams in the world. Clinical Assessment of Voice, Second Edition, includes chapters written by individuals with specialties in laryngology, teaching of singing and acting, voice science, and speech-language pathology, nursing and acoustics.

Starting with an extensive case history and following with the physical examination, the objective documentation in the voice laboratory, and the latest diagnostic imaging with laryngeal computed tomography and strobovideolaryngoscopy, the chapters delineate the possible diagnoses and treatment approaches that currently represent the state of the art in assessment of voice disorders. Added is current information on the medical legal evaluation, now ever more important for the professional performer.

Clinical Assessment of Voice, Second Edition is ideal for speech-language pathology students and clinicians and is suitable for classroom use as well as for reference. For practicing otolaryngologists and speech-language pathologists, Clinical Assessment of Voice, Second Edition is an invaluable guide for understanding the techniques for proper diagnosis and for organizing a plan of treatment. For singers and performers, knowledge of the assessment process is presented in a manner that allows them to determine what level of assessment they should pursue for the most current treatment.

New to this edition:

    • New chapters on high-speed digital imaging, evolution of technology, magnetic resonance imaging, pediatric voice disorders, and thyroid disorders.
    • Many chapters have been rewritten extensively to include the most recent practices and techniques, as well as updated references.
    • Discussion of a large number of studies that were not addressed previously and a review of the latest literature, while also retaining classic literature.
    • New information on topics such as measuring voice treatment outcomes, World Trade Center Syndrome, and laryngeal effects of asbestos exposure.
    • A selection of new authors who provide an interdisciplinary approach and valuable insights into the care of vocal performers.