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Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging PDF

Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging PDF Free Download

Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging PDF Free Download

Magnetic resonance angiography has made great strides, with continuing improvements in hardware, pulse sequencing, and know-how allowing ever-increasing speed, resolution, and suppression of artifacts. However, an inherent physical barrier has always been limited SNR. Gadolinium contrast agents help to increase SNR by facilitating T1 relaxation, but they can be injected only at a finite rate and at a limited molar dose, and there is a rapid drop in c- centration following the brief arterial phase due to redistribution into the extracellular fluid compartment. With its sixfold increase in T1 relaxivity, blood pool distribution, and longer serum half-life, Vasovist® represents a new breakthrough which promises to revolutionize MRA image quality once again. This excellent treatise on Vasovist®, created by a team of exceptional faculty who are pioneers in MR angiography, covers the basic techniques, safety, efficacy, image processing, and pharmacoeconomic details, to successfully implement a new level of MRA image quality with this new contrast agent. In addition to improving all the usual arterial phase MRA – plications, the blood pool distribution opens up new possibilities, including detecting internal bleeding and imaging stent graft endoleaks, which are reviewed in detail. In the complex, competitive field of cardiovascular imaging, this book articulates the cutting edge in imaging vascular disease.

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  • Clinical Blood Pool MR Imaging PDF
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