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Clinical Neuroanatomy 27th Edition PDF

Clinical Neuroanatomy 27th Edition PDF Free Download
Clinical Neuroanatomy 27th Edition PDF

Very few organ systems, if any, present as fascinating an array of structures and mechanisms as the human brain and spinal cord. Furthermore, it is hard to think of a clinical field that does not encompass at least some aspect of the neurosciences, from molecular and cellular neurobiology through motor, sensory, and cognitive neuroscience, to human behavior and even social interactions. It is the brain, in fact, that makes us uniquely human. No surprise, then, that neuroscience has emerged as one of the most exciting fields of research and now occupies a central role as a substrate for clinical medicine. One of the unique things about the nervous system is its exquisite architecture. The nervous system contains more cell types than any other organ or organ system, and its constituent nerve cells-more than 1 00,000,000,000 of themand an even larger number of supportive glial cells are arranged in a complex but orderly, and functionally crucial, way. Many disease processes affect, in a direct or indirect way, the nervous system. Thus, every clinician, and every basic scientist with an interest in clinical disease, needs an understanding of neuroanatomy. Stroke remains the most frequent cause of death in most industrialized societies; mood disorders such as depression affect more than 1 person in 10; and clinical dysfunction of the nervous system occurs in 25% of patients in most general hospital settings at some time during their hospital stay. An understanding of neuroanatomy is crucial not only for neurologists, neurosurgeons, and psychiatrists but also for clinicians in all subspecialties, since patients of every stripe will present situations that require an understanding of the nervous system, its structure, and its function. This book, now in its 27th edition, is designed as an accessible, easy-to-remember synopsis of neuroanatomy and its functional and clinical implications. Since many of us learn and remember better when material is presented visually, t his book is well illustrated not only with clinical material such as brain scans and pathological specimens but also with hundreds of diagrams and tables that are designed to be clear, explicative, and memorable.

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Paperback: 384 pages
27 edition (August 2, 2013)
Language: English

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