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Clinical Neuroanatomy The Anatomic Basis for Clinical Neuroscience PDF

Clinical Neuroanatomy The Anatomic Basis for Clinical Neuroscience PDF
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Clinical Neuroanatomy The Anatomic Basis for Clinical Neuroscience PDF Free Download

Gray’s Anatomy has been a cornerstone of medical education since its original appearance in 1858. It has provided a remarkably authoritative description of both gross and microscopic anatomy of the human body for many generations of medical students and practicing medical scientists on a worldwide basis. It has been, and remains, cherished not only as a primary source of anatomical knowledge but also as a reliable resource to which the student or practitioner might return for many years, indeed, throughout the entire length of a medical career. Although the classical text is regularly updated, recent major developments in both basic and clinical medicine have prompted a major reconsideration of the utility of a single large volume devoted to all of human anatomy. Concerns are especially related to the increasing specialization, if not frank fragmentation, of the medical arts with which the contemporary physician must deal on a day-to-day basis. As a consequence of such a reappraisal, a decision has been made to extract focused portions of the major text devoted to specific conceptual domains. Gray’s Anatomy itself will remain as authoritative as ever but will be expanded by the inclusion of clinical case material to illustrate in depth, whenever possible, the application of anatomical principles to the bedside. The field of neuroanatomy lends itself particularly well to such a departure from the more traditional approach to human anatomy, with the original Gray’s material being utilized as the foundation for such an enhanced pedagogical approach. In Gray’s Clinical Neuroanatomy, virtually all the original neuroanatomical text in the thirty-ninth edition is preserved, although it is transposed and rearranged to meet innovative structural guidelines and is complemented by a host of clinical case vignettes, which in turn are augmented by visual materials designed to strengthen the link between the clinic and the dissecting room. It must be emphasized that there has been no attempt to develop yet another comprehensive textbook of neurology as such; the neurological disorders cited here are entirely exemplary and directly relevant to the underlying anatomical principles of the traditional Gray’s.

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Clinical Neuroanatomy The Anatomic Basis for Clinical Neuroscience PDF Free