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Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma PDF

Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma PDF Free Download

Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma PDF Free Download

With the goal of simplifying the diagnosis and treatment process, Drs.
Zimmerman and Kooner introduce Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma.

This new
decision-making guide offers 22 chapters on topics ranging from childhood and
neovascular glaucoma to drug-induced glaucoma and management of glaucoma in
pregnancy. Each chapter is consistently laid out in the same organized format:
Definition, Epidemiology and Importance, Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis,
Treatment and Management, and Future Considerations. Beneath each heading, a
series of questions are posed, each followed by an answer and explanation,
making it easy to quickly pinpoint the information you are looking for.
Accompanied by step-by-step algorithms, cross-references, and dozens of
drawings, charts and tables, Clinical Pathways in Glaucoma is a complete
reference for specialists at all levels.

This practical, clinically oriented
text is designed for everyday use by ophthalmologists, glaucoma specialists, and
residents. For easy- to-use, comprehensive information on today’s challenging
cases, it is ideal.

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