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Clinical Signs in Neurology EPUB

Clinical Signs in Neurology EPUB Free Download

Clinical Signs in Neurology EPUB Free Download
The title of this work evolved through several stages of thought and discussion. The first proposed title was Compendium of Clinical Signs in Neurology. The final title, Clinical Signs in Neurology: A Compendium, was arrived at after the recognition that the term compendium is not currently in wide circulation. It was pointed out that younger physicians might well not be familiar with it. A brief survey of medical students and house staff confirmed the validity of this point of view.

So what is a compendium? One definition is “a concise compilation of a body of knowledge.” An encyclopedia is a compilation of a body of knowledge that makes little effort to remain concise. This work did not strive for encyclopedia status. The Encyclopedia of the Neurological Sciences runs to four volumes. This book is an attempt at a concise compilation of useful neurologic signs. There was no attempt to include every conceivable neurologic sign, as many are of marginal clinical utility, are primarily of historical interest, and are not in wide use.
This book might be viewed as a Venn diagram of three other works. The first is DeJong’s The Neurologic Examination. The DeJong1 was first published in 1950; the 7th edition was published in 2013.2 It has been in continuous publication longer than any other major textbook in American neurology. The DeJong makes no attempt at conciseness. Almost every conceivable neurologic sign is at least mentioned, if not discussed in detail, and there is an accompanying discussion of the relevant neuroanatomy, neurophysiology, and clinical neurology. It is not organized in such a way that one can quickly obtain a brief discussion of a given sign. Writing books has made me acutely aware of the limitations of indexing. Even though professional indexers attempt the task, it is distressing how often entities I know are contained in my own book cannot be found in the index.

Clinical Signs in Neurology EPUB Free Download, Clinical Signs in Neurology EPUB Ebook Free