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Clinically Oriented Anatomy 6th Edition PDF

Clinically Oriented Anatomy 6th Edition PDF Free Download
Clinically Oriented Anatomy 6th Edition PDF

Integumentary System. Skin Color Signs in Physical Diagnosis; Skin Incisions and Scarring; Stretch Marks in Skin; Skin Injuries and Wounds / 14 Fasc ias. Fascial Planes and Surgery / 19 Bones. Accessory Bones; Heterotopic Bones; Trauma to Bone and Bone Changes; Osteoporosis; Sternal Puncture; Bone Growth and the Assessment of Bone Age; Effects of Disease and Diet on Bone Growth; Displacement and Separation of Epiphyses; Avascular Necrosis / 23 Joints. Joints of Newborn Cranium; Degenerative Joint Disease; Arthroscopy / 28 Skeletal Musc les. Muscle Dysfunction and Paralysis; Absence of Muscle Tone; Muscle Soreness and “Pulled” Muscles; Growth and Regeneration of Skeletal Muscle; Muscle Testing / 35 Cardiac and Smooth Musc le. Hypertrophy of Myocardium and Myocardial Infarction; Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia of Smooth Muscle / 37 Cardiovasc ular System. Arteriosclerosis: Ischemia and Infarction; Varicose Veins / 42 Lymphoid System. The Spread of Cancer; Lymphangitis, Lymphadenitis, and Lymphedema / 45 Central and Peripheral Nervous System. Damage to CNS; Rhizotomy; Nerve Degeneration and Ischemia of Nerves / 53 1 Thorax Thorac ic W all. Chest Pain; Rib Fractures; Flail Chest; Thoracotomy, Intercostal Space Incisions, and Rib Excision; Supernumerary Ribs; Protective Function and Aging of Costal Cartilages; Ossified Xiphoid Processes; Sternal Fractures; Median Sternotomy; Sternal Biopsy; Sternal Anomalies; Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; Dislocation of Ribs; Separation of Ribs; Paralysis of Diaphragm / 83 Musc les and Neurovasc ulature of Thorac ic W all. Dyspnea: Difficult Breathing; Extrapleural Intrathoracic Surgical Access; Herpes Zoster Infection of Spinal Ganglia; Intercostal Nerve Block / 96 Breasts. Changes in Breasts; Breast Quadrants; Carcinoma of Breast; Mammography; Surgical Incisions of Breast; Polymastia, Polythelia, and Amastia; Breast Cancer in Men; Gynecomastia / 104 Pleurae, Lungs, and Trac heobronc hial Tree. Injuries of Cervical Pleura and Apex of Lung; Injury to Other Parts of Pleurae; Pulmonary Collapse; Pneumothorax, Hydrothorax, and Hemothorax; Thoracentesis….

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Paperback: 1168 pages
6th edition (February 9, 2009)
Language: English

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