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Color Atlas of Internal Medicine PDF

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Color Atlas of Internal Medicine PDF
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Internists see a wide variety o diseases and conditions including cardiovascular, dermatologic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and rheumatologic disorders. This comprehensive atlas that aids in diagnosis, using visible signs and internal imaging, can be o tremendous value. We have assembled more than 2000 outstanding clinical images or this very purpose, and are proud to present the rst edition o a modern comprehensive atlas o Internal Medicine. Some photographs will amaze you; all will in orm you about the various conditions that be all our patients. It took a number o people many years to create the rst edition o The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine. For me (Dr. Usatine) as the lead editor, it is a li elong work that started with little notebooks I kept in my white coat pocket to take notes during my residency.
It then took on color when I began keeping a camera at work and taking photographs with my patient’s permission o any interesting clinical nding that I might use to teach medical students and residents the art and science o medicine. I was inspired by many great physicians, including Dr. Jimmy Hara, who had the most amazing 35-mm slide collection o clinical images. His knowledge o medicine is encyclopedic and I thought that his taking photographs might have something to do with that. Also, I realized that these photographs would greatly enhance my teaching o others. As I began to expand my practice to see more dermatology cases, my photograph collection skyrocketed. Digital photography made it more a ordable and practical to take and catalogue many new images. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is written or internists and all health care providers involved in caring or adults. It can also be invaluable to medical students, residents, and dermatologists. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is also available electronically or iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, all Android devices, Kindle, and on the web through Access Medicine. These electronic versions will allow health care providers to access the images and content rapidly at the point-o -care.