Complications in Anesthesia 3rd Edition PDF

Complications in Anesthesia 3rd Edition PDF
“Complications are the natural byproduct of the search for perfection” The third edition of Complications in Anesthesia, like the two previous editions, is designed to provide practitioners of anesthesia and critical care medicine with a comprehensive source of information for a large number of complications they might be faced in clinical practice. The first two editions were edited by John L. Atlee, MD, who established an outstanding framework for addressing complications using a highly structured format of a case synopsis, problem analysis, management, and prevention. In the current edition, the chapters have been grouped into Preoperative Conditions, Procedure-Related Complications, Intraoperative Agents and Potential Complications, Equipment-Related Complications, Perioperative Events, and Pediatric Perioperative Events. While many of these individual chapter topics were covered in previous editions, the vast majority of the authors have changed, and new topics have been added.

The editors wish to acknowledge Dr. Atlee and the previous edition authors; some of the chapters were based upon their contributions to the previous edition. It is our hope that this approach to the treatment of complications in anesthesia and critical care will serve as a reference for those currently in practice and as a tool for residents to learn how to both prepare for and manage complications.

Complications in Anesthesia 3rd Edition PDF

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