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Complications in Pediatric Surgery PDF

Complications in Pediatric Surgery PDF Free Download
Complications in Pediatric Surgery PDF

As pediatric surgeons, our goal is to achieve optimal surgical outcomes. In order to attain success, it is imperative that we avoid complications. The phrase primum non nocere (first do no harm) is known to all who practice medicine. This mandate has been central to the practice of medicine and demands that physicians avoid medical error. The publication of “To Err Is Human” by the Institute of Medicine in 1999 crystallized the problem of medical error in the United States, demonstrating that within hospitals each year approximately 100,000 patients died due to medical error. This was a sentinel event in health care, calling for improved medical safety both in and out of hospitals. The report emphasized not only individual physician error, but also the significant role “systems” errors play. Our textbook attempts to balance a perspective between systems issues and the more traditional organ based complication avoidance strategies. In the first part of the text, systems approaches to medicine are explored from several points of view, including aviation, the legal system, medication safety, and evidence-based medicine. The second part of the text follows an organ-based approach to complication recognition and avoidance. Contained within the second part of the text is a series of discussions with experts on complication avoidance and management. Each expert responded to a series of questions pertaining to an operation with which they had considerable experience and expertise. These responses come from years of experience in the management of these problems and should prove useful to all pediatric surgeons. Complications in Pediatric Surgery is the authors’ and editors’ contribution to improve the practice of pediatric surgery. It is our hope that the medical community, and in turn all patients, will benefit from the information contained within this text.

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