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Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition PDF

Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition

Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition PDF

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Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition PDF


The Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition is the most wide-ranging and complete work of its kind and has become the definitive reference in the specialty area of pediatric audiology. Content areas range from typical auditory development to identification and diagnostic processes to medical and audiologic management of childhood hearing and ear disorders. An interdisciplinary assembly of sixty-six internationally recognized experts from the fields of audiology speech-language pathology education pediatric medicine otology and hearing science have contributed to this second edition. Building from the success of the first edition and aligning with the evolution of the profession this edition expands and deepens its coverage of early identification of hearing loss etiology and medical considerations and hearing technologies especially implantable devices and the measurement of outcomes resulting from intervention. Updates to the new edition include:

New chapters on the measurement of outcomes resulting from intervention preventable hearing loss implementation of newborn hearing screening programs and the future of implantable devices among others
Reorganization for improved sequencing of content area
Substantially updated chapters
The Comprehensive Handbook of Pediatric Audiology Second Edition is intended for use in doctoral-level education programs in audiology or hearing science as well as to serve as an in-depth reference source for practicing audiologists and other professionals educators scientists and policy makers seeking current and definitive information on evidence-based pediatric audiology practice. From the Foreword “It is exciting to see in one volume comprehensive coverage of contemporary trends in pediatric audiology. No doubt the information contained within this new edition will be of value to those who seek to better understand the perplexities of childhood deafness and motivate others to search for newer and better ways to serve young children with deafness.” —Fred H. Bess PhD Professor and Director National Center for Childhood Deafness and Family Communication Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences Vanderbilt University
Expert contributors include: Fred H. Bess Linda J. Hood James W. Hall III Jace Wolfe Susan D. Scollie Gary Rance Patricia A. Roush Diane L. Sabo Mark Hill Robert V. Harrison Derek M. Houston Lynne A. Werner Lori J. Leibold Adrian Davis Katrina A.S. Davis Linda Bronya J.B. Keats Craig A. Buchman Oliver F. Adunka Betty R. Vohr Marlene P. Bagatto Patricia M. Chute Mary Ellen Nevins Andrea Hillock-Dunn Christopher Spankovich Lisa L. Hunter Daniel I. Choo Arnold Starr Prudence Allen James E. Peck Martyn Hyde Karen C. Johnson Amy S. Martinez Laurie S. Eisenberg and Dianne M. Hammes Ganguly Carolyne Edwards Jackson Roush and Nicole E. Corbin Kathryn L. Beauchaine Jeffrey K. Hoffman Chelsea M. Blankenship Carolina Abdala Margaret Winter Christopher A. Shera Anuradha R. Bantwal Allan O. Diefendorf Anne Marie Tharpe Kathleen R. Corbin Rebecca Trepcos-Klingler Amanda S. Weinzierl Richard C. Seewald Hollea A.M. Ryan Samantha J. Gustafson Dawna Lewis Leisha R. Eiten Teresa Y.C. Ching Sanna Y.L. Hou Vicky W. Zhang Karen A. Gordon Marilyn Neault Bill Hodgetts René H. Gifford Andrée Durieux-Smith and Elizabeth M. Fitzpatrick Melody Harrison Amy McConkey Robbins Kris English and Heather Porter.